Bleak Falls Barrow

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Bleak Falls Barrow is a dungeon that lies to the northwest of Riverwood, and is accessed by first crossing the bridge to the east of the town and heading north into the mountain ranges. Note that this will not be the path leading further north to Whiterun, as you actually need to travel up the mountain; you'll know you are on the right track if you pass by a small bandit tower (and defeat its occupants, naturally).

While the exterior is guarded by a small band of bandits, the interior is largely populated by Draugr tomb guardians. The barrow also has guillotine and pressure plate traps. You must also defeat a wounded Frostbite Spider as a part of a quest that takes place here.

The Bleak Falls Barrow Sanctum at the deepest part of the barrow holds the ultimate prize; the first word for what will likely be your first Dragon Shout, Unrelenting Force, guarded by a Draugr Overlord or Dragon Priest depending on the player level.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Quests

The Golden Claw

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