A Chance Arrangement

This quest is triggered when the Dragonborn first approaches Brynjolf either in Riften's marketplace during the day or The Bee and Barb tarvern at night.

Upon making contact with the player, Brynjolf will approach with a proposition to frame a fellow vendor, Brand-Shei, for robbery. If pressed, Brynjolf will only mention that certain forces in Riften wish to see Brand-Shei put out of business.

Should the player accept, Brynjolf will task him/her with breaking into the strong box of another vendor, Madesi, to steal a particular ring which s/he will then need to plant onto Brand-Shei himself by pickpocketing.

[edit] Quest Walkthrough

As you may gather from the objectives, the quest tests the player's stealth and general thievery skills, and is in fact Brynjolf's trial to see if the player is fit to join Riften's Thieves Guild.

To begin the quest proper, return to Riften's marketplace during the day when Brynjolf is posing as a merchant, and let him know you are ready. Brynjolf will then create a distraction for the player by attracting all the other merchants to his stall with a long-winded presentation of some miracle product.

The player must use this opportunity to Sneak behind Madesi's stall, unlock his cabinet and strongbox with Lockpicking and quickly steal Madesi's silver ring. Naturally the player must ensure s/he is not detected at anytime during the attempt, otherwise s/he will risk acquiring a bounty for theft and getting arrested.

Once acquired, the player must then Sneak near Brand-Shei and plant the ring onto him by "reverse" Pickpocketing (activate his inventory while Sneaking and place the ring into it, as opposed to attempting to take something from it). Again, endeavor to remain Hidden during the attempt.

Should the player be successful on all counts, Brynjolf will disperse the crowd and offer the player to meet him at the Ragged Flagon in the Ratway underneath Riften, which at the time will be populated with some very unfriendly competition which players can handle as they see fit. This triggers Taking Care of Business.

Note that Brynjolf will still offer to meet up with the player again underneath Riften even if the player fails to complete the objectives, either by getting caught by guards in the attempt or simply avoiding to do any of them before Brynjolf completes his diversion (it does eventually end if the player waits long enough).

[edit] Reward

  • 100 Gold
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