An Argonian male and female from The Elder Scrolls V.
This reptilian race, well-suited for the treacherous swamps of their homeland, has developed natural immunities to disease and poisons. They can breathe in water and are good at picking locks.

The lizard-like Argonian will be present in Skyrim as they were in the province of Cyrodil. Traditionally the Argonians are a light-footed race who excel in stealth. In addition to their scaly appearance, Argonians are amphibious and capable of breathing underwater, not to mention resistant to disease and poisons thanks to their upbringing in the Black Marsh.

They have only recently shaken off the prevalent choke of slavery in Morrowind. Despite this, their alien appearance tends to cause other "civilized" races to continue looking down on Argonians, as with all of the "beast" races.


[edit] Personality

Argonians are slow to trust others and tend to act with great reservation. However, they are also incredibly loyal, willing to put their lives on the line for their friends and loved ones.

[edit] Gameplay

Argonians never drown and are immune to Poisons.

Argonian characters typically enjoy bonuses to their Agility and Speed stats, in keeping with their penchance for stealth and subterfuge, particularly the males. Female Argonians receive a larger bonus to Intelligence and Willpower instead, meaning the race can also be well suited to spellcasting roles.

All Argonians characters immediately enjoy several racial benefits from the outset of the game, including water breathing (no need to worry about drowning), a significant resistance to common Disease ailments, and complete immunity to any Poison.

[edit] Skills

  • Alteration +5
  • Light Armor +5
  • Lockpicking +10
  • Pickpocket +5
  • Restoration +5
  • Sneak +5

[edit] Abilities

  • Resist Disease 50 percent resistance to disease
  • Water Breathing: Ability to breath underwater
  • Histskin: Increase health regeneration by a factor of 10 for 60 seconds

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