This Dwemer ruin is located northwest of the Orc stronghold Largashbur, and is accessed via cave entrance.

The ruin is heavily guarded by Dwarven Spider Workers and Dwarven Spheres (and a final challenge in the form a Dwarven Centurion), and consists of three main sections: Avanchnzel itself, the Animoncultory and lastly the Boilery. The quest Unfathomable Depths reveals that an expedition conducted by a group of treasure hunters looking to unlock the hidden knowledge of a Dwemer Lexicon ultimately resulted in the deaths of all the adventurers save one Argonian, who now wanders the Riften docks.

Should the player character agree to help the survivor return the Lexicon, s/he will be able to watch flashbacks of the expedition while s/he explores Avanchnzel.

[edit] Related Quests

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