Base Stats

All base stats start at 100 at level 1, and with each level, the player is allotted one upgrade, that adds 10 points to the selected stat.


[edit] Health

Health' is the stat that determines how much damage the player can take before they die. Sleeping, waiting, food, potions, or spells will recover health. It is possible to find, or enchant items that fortify Health or Health Regeneration.

[edit] Stamina

Stamina is the stat that directly affects how much the player can sprint, power attack, and carry. For every 10 points gained in Stamina, the player gains 5 maximum carry weight, and a few extra seconds of sprinting. Sleeping, waiting, drinks, potions, and with the unlocking of a certain Perk, spells allow Stamina restoration. It is possibly to find, or enchant items that fortify Stamina or Stamina Regeneration. However, an enchanted item will not affect your carry weight.

[edit] Carry Weight

For each level up spent in Stamina, the player gains 5WG of carry weight. Starting at 300, and with no known maximum. It is possible to find or enchant items that fortify carry weight.

[edit] Magicka

Magicka is the stat that affects how many spells the player can cast. In many games and series', this stat is referred to as Mana or MP. Each spell has a different Magicka cost, and each level of spells costs more magicka. Sleeping, waiting, potions, and some spells can recover magicka. It is possibly to find, or enchant items that can fortify Magicka, or Magicka Regeneration.

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