Boethiah is the Daedric Prince of assassination, deceit, conspiracy and treason, and is revered by the Dunmer as the "father" of their race as they now know it. Legends state that through the prophet Saint Veloth, Boethiah convinced the distant ancestors of the Dunmer to forsake the ways of their fellow Aldmer and instead forge a culture and nation devoted to Daedric worship in Morrowind.

Said to appear as a stoic warrior prince (or princess) to those capable of summoning him, Boethiah favors those who are highly competitive and ruthless enough to achieve victory by any means necessary.

In Skyrim during the Fourth Era, Boethiah is worshipped by cultists desperate to win his/her attention at the Sacellum of Boethiah, located to the northeast of Windhelm. The Daedric Prince only appears to those cruel enough to garner his/her attention through a ritual of sacrifice, and even then will only entreat with one capable of killing all his/her remaining cultists in a trial of combat.

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