A male and female Breton from Elder Scrolls V.

Bretons are humans originally hailing from the province of High Rock. As a race, they are known for being proficient spell weavers with advanced knowledge of the Arcane, thanks in no small part to their bloodline. Physically, Bretons are known to be tall and having dark hair.

According to writings found in the Pocket Guide to the Empire: Third Edition, Bretons are descendants of the ancient Aldmer and Nede. The former sought to create a superior race using their own "Elder" blood and that of another race. The Bretons are a result of the Aldmer's experiments and have been referred to a "Manmeri" as a result.


[edit] Personality

Breton are generally very intelligent and willful, reflecting their mastery of the arcane. As a people, they are also known for being very passionate, flamboyant, and sometimes eccentric.

[edit] Gameplay

Because of their focus on the Arcane arts, Bretons tend to be lacking in physical skill. However, they can resist and cast spells that would normally overwhelm other races. This inherent trait not only makes Bretons excellent sorcerers but also proficient alchemists and enchanters. Even the least prominent Bretons share this inborn bond with magic and the supernatural, making them superior to other races in such fields.

[edit] Skills

  • Alchemy +5
  • Alteration +5
  • Conjuration +10
  • Illusion +5
  • Restoration +5
  • Speech +5

[edit] Abilities

  • Dragonskin: Absorb 50 percent of magicka from hostile spells targeting you for 60 seconds
  • Magic Resistance: 25 percent resistance to all magickal damage

[edit] Gods

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