Colette Marence

Collete Marence is a student at The College of Winterhold and is the instructor for Expert level of Restoration.

[edit] Personality

Colette Marence is a very creative character. She is disliked by some of the other students because of her extensive knowledge on Restoration, and she is constantly paranoid of being degraded because of that. Through her dialogue, she tells you that some of the other students disregard the imporants of restoration for other means of magick, but she disagrees very strongly, practicing the ways of Restoration every chance she is given.

[edit] Location

To find Colette, you'll have to find the Hall of Countenace in The College of Winterhold. She tends to remain in her room on the first floor, but you may also find her around the College grounds.

[edit] Restoration

If you're in need of Restoration tomes, equipment or practice, Collete is the student to go to. For gold, she'll train you in the ways of Restoration as well as supply you with tomes and apparel suited for those in the path of Restoration. She acts as the College's expert instructor on Restoration and the only student at the college who'll supply you with Restoration supplies and training.

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