[edit] Basic Information

Conjuration is the Magic college of binding creatures, daedra, or undead in the form of summons or weapons and armor for use in combat. Perhaps Conjuration's signature abilities lie in the power to summon allies for a duration of time, even from the planes of Oblivion. Examples of Conjuration spells for summoning include Summon Skeleton and Summon Daedroth, but the ability to banish Daedra or turn undead is also considered an act of Conjuration. Conjuration will also allow the user to temporarily "summon" magical weapons and armor that can be powerful, durable and weigh next to nothing all at the same time. Equipment fashioned in this way are actually lesser daedra "bound" to the caster in the form of items. In the case of armor, the Conjurer may choose to summon either Light or Heavy kinds to suit their proficiencies. In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Bound weapons summoned through Conjuration will have a Soul Trap effect, giving users more options to help fill up Soul Gems. Bound weapons will also be able to "Dispel" certain creatures, banishing them. Skeletons, zombies and Atronachs are a few the examples of creatures Conjuration users can summon themselves, and creatures will have more Health to last longer. The "summon limit" for Conjuration users will also be raised.

[edit] Perks

Perk Skill Level Requirement Perk Requirement Effect
Novice Conjuration Novice level Conjuration spells can be cast for 50 percent less magicka cost
Conjuration Dual Casting 20 Novice Conjuration Casting Conjuration summon spells with both hands will overcharge them, increasing their duration of effect
Mystic Binding 20 Novice Conjuration Deal more damage using Bound weapon spells
Soul Stealer 30 Mystic Binding Bound weapons spells also have the Soul Trap effect
Oblivion Binding 50 Soul Stealer Bound weapons spells banish summoned Atronachs/Daedra or raised undead on contact
Apprentic Conjuration 25 Novice Conjuration Apprentice level Conjuration spells can be cast for 50 percent less magicka cost
Adept Conjuration 50 Apprentic Conjuration Adept level Conjuration spells can be cast for 50 percent less magicka cost
Expert Conjuration 75 Adept Conjuration Expert level Conjuration spells can be cast for 50 percent less magicka cost
Master Conjuration 100 Expert Conjuration Master level Conjuration spells can be cast for 50 percent less magicka cost
Summoner Level 1 30 Novice Conjuration Summon Atronachs or raise undead from twice as far away
Summoner Level 2 70 Summoner Level 1 Summon Atronachs or raise undead from three times as far away
Atromancy 40 Summoner Level 1 Increased duration for summoned Atronachs
Elemental Potency 80 Atromancy Summon Potent versions of Atronachs (50 percent more powerful than base forms)
Necromancy 40 Novice Conjuration Increased duration for summoned/reanimated undead
Dark Souls 70 Necromancy Summoned/reanimated undead have an additional 100 points of Health
Twin Souls 100 Elemental Potency or Dark Souls Able to have two summoned atronachs or reanimated undead in effect at once

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