[edit] Basic Information

Dogs are generally peaceful creatures who are usually owned by villagers or Hunters that you can find walking around Skyrim. Attacking a dog will get you a bounty as low as 5 coins. If the owner of the dog is hostile towards you, then the dog will also be hostile towards you. The dogs in TES Skyrim have a different appearance to the dogs in TES Oblivion, implying that they are a different breed.

[edit] Drops

When killed a dog will drop these items:

  • Dog Meat

[edit] Variations

[edit] Stray Dog

The Stray Dog is an undomesticated version of the normal dog. It can be found following Imperial Soldiers or fighting Wolves and other creatures in the wild. If you assist in killing the creature the dog is fighting and talk to it, it may become your follower.

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