Dragon Rising

Dragon rising is the 4th quest in the main storyline

Dragon Rising

After retrieving the dragonstone for Forenger you will be tasked to talk to the Jarl who will now be upstairs. A guard will come and tell him that the western watch tower is being destroyed. He will talk to Irileth telling her to go and he will ask you to accompany her


You can follow Irileth to the tower or go on your own. Upon arriving near the watchtower irileth will tell you to look for survivors. The quest marker will point towards the tower. when you near the watchtower a guard will come out and tell you that the dragon is still there and at that moment the dragon attacks


After defeating the dragon you will absorb its soul and all the guards will crowd around you telling you that you are the dragonborn they will ask you to shout. Irileth will then talk to you she will tell you to report to the Jarl. After talking to the Jarl he will give you a leveled axe


If you choose to travel alone to the watchtower Irileth may not show up waiting relieves the problem

After killing the dragon the guards may not talk to you talk to irileth to continue


Dragons only start appearing after this quest

After completing this quest dragons will spawn randomly

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