In Skyrim, your character is a Dragonborn, a very rare individual who is a true dragon hunter. In the language of the dragons they are also known as Dovahkiin.

Dragonborn border on extinction -- you are the first to have been seen in decades.

Dragonborn can wield the same arcane power as dragons, known as "Thu'um", also known as "The Voice", or simply "dragon shouts". Tiber Septim, the first emperor of mankind in Cyrodil, was known as the most accomplished user of Thu'um. It was through this power that he was able to command mighty armies while opposing many more.

To be trained in this power, the Dragonborn must seek the aid of the Greybeards, an ancient sect of the most accomplished Thu'um users. The Dragonborn are anointed by the gods and can light the dragon bonfires to become an emperor.

Dragonborn are supported by the Blades.

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