A male and female Dunmer from Elder Scrolls V.
Also known as "Dunmer" in their homeland of Morrowind, the Dark Elves are noted for their skilled and balanced integration of the sword, the bow and destruction magic. They are resistant to fire and can summon an ancestral ghost for aid.


[edit] History

Dunmer (literally the "Dark/Cursed People") are a race of elves characterized by dark skin and glowing red eyes. Commonly known as Dark Elves, the Dunmer are native to the province of Morrowind which lies on the southeast border of Skyrim and known to be extremely strong, agile, and intelligent. Despite such favorable characteristics, they are said to be ill-favored by fate.

The Dunmer are said to be descended from the ancient Chimer ("People of the North") elven tribe who settled in Morrowind following the prophet Veloth. Dunmer fables claim a great Curse struck the Chimer, turning their skin dark.

The Dunmer are the cousins of the Altmer (High Elves) and the Bosmer (Wood Elves), but do not enjoy the company of either.

[edit] Personality

Dunmer are also known to be rather grim and aloof, making them less approachable than other races, like the outgoing Breton people. In addition to their introverted nature, Dunmer also harbor a notable distrust of others, including other Dark Elves. Surprisingly, they are fond of these stereotypes given to them and often act in a way that reflects these behaviors.

[edit] Gameplay

A Dunmer rogue.

Their inherent racial benefits allow Dunmer to become anything they so wish, from warriors to sorcerers. They can wield a sword, a bow, or magic with equal prowess, though Dunmer casters seem to favor more destructive schools of magic.

The Dunmer not only have an innate resistance to Fire damage, but can even envelop themselves with an flaming aura once per day through a greater power known as the Ancestor's Wrath.

[edit] Skills

  • Alchemy +5
  • Alteration +5
  • Destruction +10
  • Illusion +5
  • Light Armor +5
  • Sneak +5

[edit] Abilities

  • Resist Fire 50 percent resistance to fire damage
  • Ancestor's Wrath: Generate a shield of fire that deals 8 points of fire damage to nearby enemies for 60 seconds

[edit] Gods

Most Dunmer worship three gods known as the Tribunal, while some also worship the Daedric Prince Azura.

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