The Dwemer are an ancient race of evles that are commonly mistaken as dwarves. Within Skyrim, there has been no proof of the presence of Dwarves, thus the Dwemer where in place. The race existed sometime when the Nords came to Tamriel, landing in Skyrim. The Dwemer lived underground, and had little to no interaction with the surface world. The Dwemer took in the Falmer, after the migrating Nords drove them underground to live with the Dwemer, where the Dwemer betrayed the Falmer by making them eat the poisonous fungi that became a staple in their diet. The Falmer then became corrupt and blind, forcing them deeper underground. The Dwemer wanted to preserve their knowledge gathered over hundreds of years. This was stored in the Lexicons inside the Dwemer ruins. The Dwemer purposly build long, elabrate chambers to reside in to make it more confusing for invaders. The Dwemer also had a extensive knowledge of automatrons and gears, building the various comtraptions to defend the ruins and to last many years. Most of the automatrons are powered by low end soul gems, and the larger ones by steam and water compression. The dissappearing of this race is vastly unknown, either killed by the invading Nords, the corrupt Falmer, or someother way. The construction within the ruins is not seen in most archatecture of the era of Skyrim took place, and at the time of the Dwemer, was highly advanced, at least 200 years ahead. After their ruins begun to be uncovered, the automatrons remained dormant until a set time, either programed in or by sense of intruders. As they began to be explored, the various traps set up by the Dwemer to protect their knowledge were triggered, killing many adventurers that were unaware of the elite technology. The history of the Dwemer is currently undergoing study by a small number of people throughout Skyrim that are wondering of how they remained so advanced, or what killed them.

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