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Below are all confirmed facts on Skyrim.


[edit] General

  • Release date was 11.11.11 (Nov 11th, 2011)
  • Runs on a new engine called "Creation Engine"
  • PC was supposed to launch with a "Creation Kit" (SDK) -- but did not (it will be available later)
  • There is no 64-bit compatible executable (*.exe file) planned for the PC version at launch
  • Available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC
  • No Kinect support planned for Xbox 360 version

[edit] Combat

  • New combat system (in comparison to Oblivion)
  • Dual wielding possible with any combination you'd like ie: blade+spell, spell+spell, blade+blade, blade+shield etc.
  • Camera staggering when delt a blow
  • Favorite loadouts can be saved and easily toggled between

[edit] Weapons

  • Special kill animations depending on current weapon
  • Improved ranged combat (in comparison to Oblivion)
  • Shield bash moves available when you have a shield equipped
  • Weapon specialization
  • Timing based blocking
  • Backstabbing with a dagger or sword causes significantly more damage
  • Blunt and Blade are replaced by Two-Handed and One-Handed
  • Bow attacks will be much more powerful, taking a cue from the "Better Bows" Oblivion mod
  • Power attacks can be initiated which depletes stamina and staggers enemies
  • Shields can only be placed in left hand. So no "turtling"
  • More weapons available compared to Oblivion

[edit] Magic

  • 85 spells
  • Frost spell effects can be seen on enemies. Fire spells can set the environment on fire
  • Dual wielding spells is possible
  • Fire deals the most damage, Lightning drains magicka, Frost drains stamina; spells still do damage as well

[edit] Dragon Shouts

  • 20 Dragon Shouts
  • Dragon Shouts are separate from the magic system, so they are not tied to a character's magika supply.
  • Players will have to collect words for shouts from around the world, there are three words for each shout
  • Three levels for each shout
  • Shouts have a cool down timer
  • Words are Usually gathered from a walls guarded by dragons in the world, or in he depths of the worlds dungeons guarded by powerful foes.
  • Words are activated after discovery by spending a dragons soul after killing it.

[edit] AI

  • Updated AI; townsfolk wont aimlessly wander around and will perform day to day jobs (mills, farms, mines)
  • NPC's will react to items dropped near them
  • NPC's properly react when you do an action; swinging your sword around, breaking items in a house, stealing items etc
  • Killing shop owners no longer leaves the shop unattended. The shops family will inherit the store and take over running it. The new owner will be angry with you but you will still be able to obtain quests from them.
  • AI companions can be hired
  • NPC children have been confirmed

[edit] Environment

  • 9 major cities; Markarth, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm, Winterhold, Morthal, Dawnstar, Falkreath
  • 20 minor cities with at least 10+ buildings
  • Windhelm is the largest city
  • Cities will still be loaded as separate zones from the world map
  • 130+ dungeons
  • Dungeons will be locked at the player's level when they first enter
  • The direction in which water flows inside dungeons is often a visual indicator of the way out
  • Game world size is approximately the size of Oblivion's world, but due to the indepth design and mountains, the world appears much bigger
  • Traps and puzzles
  • Outside environment has birds
  • Each town has its own economy. ie: Destroying a town's mill results in the town importing wooden goods (weapons, etc) from another town but prices will increase and some items may no longer be available
  • Dwemer ruines can be found across Skyrim
  • High Hrothgar will actually have 7,000 steps
  • Carriage system available for travel to all major locations
  • Enemies don't always match your level; some may be too strong to fight until you increase your level
  • Able to destroy oil lamps which may catch the environment on fire (ie: in a house)
  • Flowers found around the world can be picked as ingredients for Alchemy
  • Properties can be purchased

[edit] Graphics

  • Dynamic shadows
  • Textures now use High-Res poly effects;
  • Dynamic environment effects such as snow and rain
  • Higher poly count for models
  • Increased draw distance
  • All items you are capable of putting into your inventory will be fully modelled, allowing for closer inspection; this can prove important when it comes to completing some quests
  • Trees that are larger will blow less in the wind, compared to smaller trees showing dynamic physics

[edit] Sound

  • Music by Jeremy Soule (Guild Wars, Oblivion)
  • Max Von Sydow to voice Esbern (The Blade)
  • More voice actors in comparison to Oblivion and Fallout 3 as a result of larger budget and better data compression

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Dragons

  • There are different types of Dragons
  • Defeating dragons will be the key to unlocking many of the Dragon Shouts.
  • Dragons you must battle can be grounded by heavily damaging their wings, preventing them from taking flight; expect a big landing if you drop them out of the sky, however!
  • Skyrim's dragons are said to be reminiscent of dinosaurs as envisioned in the Jurassic Park motion pictures
  • You cannot fly dragons
  • Some dragons are scripted in to the story and others can be randomly found
  • There won't be a finite amount of dragons in the game, to give the impression that you cannot wipe the dragons out over the course of the quest
  • can summon dragon from certain shouts.

[edit] Character, Leveling and Stats

  • 10 playable races
  • Character customization upon creation
  • Beards!
  • Class selection has been dropped; your class is determined by how you play (weapons used, spells used)
  • Mysticism, Acrobatics and Athletics skills cut
  • No major/minor skills
  • No birth signs
  • You gain a perk every level, similar to Fallout 3/New Vegas
  • Soft level cap at 50; you may still level up farther but you gain no benefits
  • Faster leveling than Oblivion
  • 5 magic schools; Destruction, Alteration, Conjuration, Restoration, Illusion
  • 280 Perks; nevertheless due to the "soft" level cap, it will not be possible to ever gain all the Perks on a single character
  • Players can get characters to sprint by holding down a button, this decreases Stamina
  • Running backwards results in decreased speed; you wont be able to run away from enemies this way
  • One crafting skill per archetype; Warrior: Smithing, Mage: Enchanting, Thief: Alchemy
  • 3 attributes; Health, Magicka, Stamina
  • Able to become a Vampire or a Werewolf

[edit] GUI

  • HUD-free first person view
  • Improved camera for third person
  • In-game menus are incorporated into the viewpoint of the player character when brought up via four-point compass interface (these actions are purely cosmetic, and require no additional input from the player):
    • Your character looks to the sky for the Skills menu
    • Your character looks to the ground for the Map menu
    • Your character looks to the right over his/her shoulder for the Inventory
    • Your character looks to the left over his/her shoulder for the Magic and magic items menu

[edit] Quests

  • Main quest takes place approximately 200 years after the ending of Oblivion
  • Player character begins the game in jail (again), this time awaiting execution
  • Main quest line is approximately 20 hours
  • Game play after completing the main quest line is possible
  • Main quest line NPCs cannot be killed
  • Quests are dynamically chosen by the Radiant Story system and are also based on how you've been playing your character; every play through will be different
  • NPCs which initiate and participate in certain quests may also change based on their relationship with the player character
  • Some quests will naturally involve defeating dragons
  • Clues to completing some quests can sometimes be visually represented on the items themselves in your inventory
  • Books have been known to help solve certain quest puzzles.
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