The Falmer is a race of snow elves that lived in Skyrim long before the Nords arrived. When the Nords sailed over to Tamriel and landed in Skyrim, the Falmer accepted them, for the moment. After a while, the Nords drove the Falmer out of Skyrim and into hiding underground with the Dwemer. The Dwemer, being a reclusive race, fed the Falmer a toxic cave shroom that is a staple in the Dwemer diet. By eating the shrooms, the Falmer became blind and crazed, the Dwemer then drove the now mad Falmer deeper underground to reside, where they adapted to their blindness. After thousands of years of living underground,the Falmer build up enough to eventually try to overthrow the surface world and retake it. But for now they reside underground, more so holding a grudge agianst the Nords for doing this to them, as the story of the Falmer is passed on with each Falmer genoration, to carry out their ancestors dreams to take over the surface world. As of current Skyrim, the Falmer are a brutal race, stopping at nothing to see their goal to kill every last surface dweller.

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