Faralda is a student at The College of Winterhold and serves as the College's instructor and master level trainer in the ways of Destruction magic.

Faralda is a very strong and willful wizard, as seen by her dialogue. She takes notice of skill in concern with magic and respects those who can master magic. Faralda often tells you that she'll teach you destruction magic as long as you can handle it and use it to your benefit, showing her complete knowledge over the material and her superiority because of said knowledge. Despite her sometimes degrading attitude, she is always there to help you and improve your skill in the ways of Destruction as long as you have the gold in exchange.

Faralda is the first student you will meet when arriving at the College. She will be guarding the front gate, just outside the stone bridge leading to the college, to test you in order for entrance. Once reaching said achievement, Faralda admits your passage and allows you to enter the college to study the ways of the Arcane Magic.

Faralda will offer training in the Destruction magic area, as well as serve as a mentor for those seeking direction in Destruction magic. Faralda offers tomes and books related to Destruction and also provides items such as Novice Robes of Destruction. As an ambitious student of the college, those seeking direction in Destruction should communicate and learn from her.

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