Giants are generally peaceful creatures who stroll the province of Skyrim unless otherwise provoked. Giants will not harm you unless you stray too close to their campground of harm them or their Mammoths. Giants are often seen around Whiterun and are marked on the Dragonborn's map, signalling caution to those unprepared for the challenge. Giants tend to herd Mammoths, another large, powerful creature, and protect them at all costs. Injuring a Mammoth will signal a Giant nearby, and said Giant will attack you. Giants are a nomadic creature who, despite appearance, are very intelligent creatures, able to cook and create clothing for themselves. Giants' clothing tend to be made of fur pelts and linen sewn with skulls, particularly the skulls of Trolls. Giant camps consist of a large bonfire, suited for the immense height of the Giant. Mammoth cheese as well as the occasional roasting meat can be plundered from the campsite, but only after clearing the campsite from its Giants and/or Mammoths. Upon the death of a Giant, troll fat, a large sum of Septims, mammoth tusks and a possibility of other worthy items can be looted from the corpse.

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