Frostbite Spider

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[edit] Basic Information

Frostbite Spiders normally lurk in the caves and ruins of Skyrim. They can spit poison at you, and their bite is just as poisonous. If you are uncomfortable with that, then you'd best stick to ranged attacks like a bow and arrow, spells or shouts. They are widely known as Frostbite Spiders, because their poison can be as deadly as Frostbite. In their lairs you will find a lot of spider webs, and Egg Sacs containing Spider Eggs.

[edit] Drops

You will find these item[s] on dead Frostbite Spiders:

  • Frostbite Venom

[edit] Variations

[edit] Giant Frostbite Spider

The Giant Frostbite Spider is a much stronger variant of the normal Frostbite Spider. It is larger than the normal Frostbite Spider, it does more overall damage and it's poison does more damage as well.

[edit] Wounded Frostbite Spider

The Wounded Frostbite Spider looks the same as the Giant Frostbite Spider in appearance. It is found in Bleak Falls Barrow, as part of the Golden Claw quest. You need to defeat it in order to save an NPC who has the Golden Claw.

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