Good Intentions

Speak to Tolfdir in the Hall of the Elements after returning the three books you acquired from Fellglow Keep to Urag gro-Shub; you'll notice at this point that the Eye of Magnus has now been relocated there from Saarthal.

Afterward you'll be honored with Ancano's promotional appearance, and be asked to follow him up to the Archmage's Quarters where you'll find Archmage Savos Aren in discussion with the mysterious Quaranir, a representative from the Psijic Order.

Quaranir will use this opportunity to use his powers to speak with you directly without intervention from the rest of the bystanders, and beseech you to prevent the very possible misuse of the Eye of Magnus. He requests that you get in contact with the Augur of Dunlain, said to reside in the depths of the College itself, in order to find out more.

Once his discussion is complete, he'll revert the surroundings back to normal, leaving everyone else in the room very bewildered as to what just happened. He'll cook up an excuse to shake off Ancano's suspicions over his visit.

Savos will attempt dissuade you from pursuing any discourse with the Augur when you quiz him about it. Speaking to other members of the College will point you in the direction of Mirabelle Ervine and Tolfdir; Mirabelle will require some Persuasion to divulge any details about the Augur, while Tolfdir will simply tell you outright that the being is located the lower levels of the College known as The Midden.

It's not very well hidden; to enter The Midden, simply use the trapdoor located in either the College courtyard or behind the circular flight of stairs on the first level of the Hall of Attainment.

Either will lead you to the first portion of this very small dungeon; be prepared to face very light opposition in the form of Draugr, and Skeletons in the second area called "The Midden Dark." None of the opponents here will respawn, which is just as well because The Midden holds some very interesting secrets unrelated to your current quest. Keep tabs on the Atronach Forge in particular if you plan on levelling your Conjuration skill to near-maximum levels. Refer to Phinis Gestor's personal quest to find out more details on how to acquire the unique item needed to make the Forge work.

You'll want to proceed into The Midden Dark, where you'll eventually come across a locked door; the Augur itself lies beyond, and will unlock the door for you now that you are required to speak to it. The Augur may not be what you expected it, but you'll be able to converse with it regarding the Eye of Magnus, and find out something surprising about Ancano. Before disappearing, the Augur will inform you that you must find a relic called the Staff of Magnus in order to control the Eye.

Head back to the College and inform Archmage Savos about your progress to complete the quest. Your next step will be to speak with Mirabelle, who was most recently talking about the Staff of Magnus.

[edit] Reward

  • Mage's Circlet (levelled accessory)
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