Hitting the Books

[edit] Walkthrough

Upon completing Under Saarthal, the player must return to the College to speak with Archmage Savos Aren and brief him on what was discovered in the ruin. Aren will then point you to the Arcaneum librarian Urag gro-Shub to find out more possible information on the mysterious relic, triggering this quest.

Urag gro-Shub will need you to head to Fellglow Keep to find the former College mage Othorn, who he suspects has stolen three books from the Arcaneum for the purpose of joining a band of renegade mages.

Travel to the Keep, located east-northeast of Whiterun, but be prepared for battles with rogue mages and conjurers. Enter the dungeon, and keep a watch out for magic runes on the floor as you descend down the flight of stair where more enemies await; note that you can free the vampires held prisoner here to have them fight the mages in the dungeons with you, but they will flee once all the opposition in the room as been neutralized.

Continue to make your way through the dungeon to a large room where Othorn is held as a prisoner. After explaining everything that happened and how you can retrieve the books, you have the option of freeing Othorn from his cell by using the levers located in the center in the room; if you do so, you can have him accompany you temporarily as a follower for the duration of this quest. Being a mage himself, he can prove useful as backup. You must continue through the crypts until you can enter Fellglow Keep proper.

More mages will stand in your way here. If you explore the Keep well enough, you can find a Shrine of Julianos which could serve useful in boosting your Magicka, or curing you of any disease at the very least. Eventually you must ascend a long, circular flight of stairs leading to the ritual chamber where you will find the ringleader mage who refers to herself only as "The Caller."

At this point you can either surrender Othorn over to her and she will let you take the three books you require to complete the quest, challenge her to a fight, or attempt to Persuade her to give the books to you.

There are no major repercussions later down the road for trading Othorn to The Caller in return for the books, as he cannot join you in the future as a follower and you will not see him in person ever again after this quest. Note that he will no longer be available as a possible source of hints leading to landmarks like Word Walls via courier later in the game if you choose to hand Othorn over.

If you would rather challenge The Caller, keep in mind that she is a conjurer who can summon two Flame Atronachs at once to assist her in battle, so be prepared. Othorn will continue to assist you if he is still standing. If Othorn is still following you after you defeat The Caller, he will admit that he needs to lay low given what has happened, and will leave your service for the rest of the game.

Leave the Keep after retrieving the three books from the ritual chamber ("Fragment: On Artaeum", "Night of Tears", and "The Last King of the Ayleids") and return to the College to hand them over to Urag gro-Shub to compete the quest.

[edit] Reward

  • One of two skill books for each of the six schools of Magic.

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