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Horses are purchasable from stables in any city in the game. Each horse has a different amount of Stamina for sprinting and a different top speed. They all cost 1000 gold coins. If you steal a horse from stables, you will be fined 50 gold coins, and an arrest attempt will be made. You do not get to keep the horse if you are arrested. Horses will often attempt to fight against any person who attacks you, and will persist until either their death, or the enemy. It is not suggested to ride a purchased horse directly into combat, as their health is rather low. Another thing to avoid while on a horse is leaping from any tall hills or cliffs. Your horse may not survive a fall that you do. There are, however, other horses you can earn throughout the game. A few of them are listed below:

[edit] Quest Unlockable Horses check out the spirit horse it takes 0 damage because its a ghost

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