In My Time of Need

In My Time of Need is a quest started when the player first enters Whiterun after completing the quest Dragon Rising, there is two Alik'r Warriors arguing with two Whiterun Guards, and when approached, the Alik'r Warriors will ask if you have any knowledge on a redguard woman.

[edit] Quest Walkthrough

The redguard woman is Saadia located in The Bannered Mare. She is the one who spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

Speaking with her prompts a speech option unique to the quest. Upon saying this, she gets defensive and asks for your help. You can choose to help her or turn her in to the Alik'r Warriors.

If you choose to turn her in, return to the Alik'r Warriors. They should be near the Whiterun Stables. You will be asked to lead her to the Whiterun Stables as a trap, so they can capture her. Speak to her, and convince her to follow you there. Once she arrives, the quest is complete.

However, if you choose to follow her to her quarters, she'll draw a weapon. After you calm her, she asks for help. If you agree, you're sent to Dragonsreach Dungeon to speak with the Alik'r Prisoner. He will only speak to you if you pay his bounty off and free him.

He tells you of Swindler's Den, where the rest of the Alik'r Warriors are. Head there and fight your way through. At the end, you are given a chance once more to help the Alik'r Warriors, or kill their leader. Killing Kematu and returning to Saadia will complete the quest.

[edit] Rewards

  • 500 Gold (for helping either)

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