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[edit] The Race

While the cat-like Khajiit are a long ways from their desert homeland of Elsweyr, they will play a part in the northern province of Skyrim. One of the three major "beast" tribes in Tamriel, the Khajiit are agile, cunning, and see very well in the dark. Approximately 17 known "breeds" of Khajiit exist. These all unfortunately factor into their reputation as thieves.
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In fact, the Khajiit function in walks of life, oweing to the structure of modern Elsweyr society. The Khajiit are ruled equally by both mercantile and nomadic castes, the former under nobility while the latter led by traditional chieftains, depending on the phases of the moons.

Khajiit take pride in Elsweyr's chief export, Moon Sugar. This valuable condiment has left many Khajiit with a fondness for sweets, though Moon Sugar is also a chief ingredient in Skooma, an infamous narcotic banned in the Empire.

[edit] Playing as a Khajiit

In the Elder Scrolls series of games, players creating an avatar of the Khajiit race typically enjoy bonuses to Agility, while suffering penalties to Willpower and Strength or Endurance stats (depending on gender). Khajiit characters also receive a bonus to Acrobatics, Athletics, Hand-to-Hand, Security, Sneak, Blade and Light Armor skills.

Khajiit characters have access to the Eye of Night special abilities, and can use their claws in combat for additional damage.

[edit] Skills

  • Alchemy +5
  • Archery +5
  • Lockpicking +5
  • Pickpocket +5
  • One-Handed +5
  • Sneak +10

[edit] Abilities

  • Night Eye: See better in the dark for 60 seconds
  • Claws: Deal an additional 15 points of unarmed damage

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