Mod utilities and resources


[edit] Creation Kit

The toolset released February 2012 for modders, based on the new Creation Engine and built with usability in mind. It can be downloaded via Steam.

[edit] Skyrim Workshop

The official destination for mods, it should prove a one stop shop for most. However, there is the alternative option of the Skyrim Nexus (see below).

[edit] Tutorials & documentation is the main learning source for modding with Creation Kit; this YouTube playlist is useful as well.

[edit] Skyrim Nexus

The Skyrim Nexus is the former source of choice for the modding community, as it was been with Morrowind and Oblivion. Here you should can find plenty of useful mods, news and more, and of course, it's where you can submit your own mods.

[edit] Official Skyrim forum

The official Skyrim forum again proves a valuable source of information and discussion on modding Skyrim.

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