Muffle is a Illusion spell at the Apprentice level.

Muffle enables you to move more quietly for 180 seconds. The spell achieves this effect by "silencing" the noise produced by any armor equipped by the player character. This spell is most effectively used when trying to sneak amongst enemies.

Without perks or cost-reducing enchantments, Muffle takes 102 Magicka to cast.

[edit] Enchantment

The Muffle effect can also be found as an enchantment on random equipment (and thus earned as a custom enchant through disenchanting), but this is (at best) only half as effective as the actual Illusion spell described above. This means additional effects or perks like Muffled Movement are required to achieve complete silence while moving in equipment that includes "built-in" Muffle effects found in-game.

However, a custom Muffle enchantment applied by the player character at any enchanting altar will produce equipment capable of completely silencing movement in armor, regardless of the player character's skill level in Enchanting or the level of soul used to apply the Muffle enchant. In other words, custom Muffled equipment created by the player character are far superior to the Muffled equipment typically found in-game.

[edit] Perks

Constant Muffle effects are also gained by the player character through Perks in the Sneak skill tree:

  • Muffled Movement - Reduces noise produced by armor while moving by 50 percent (half as effective as the Illusion spell)
  • Silence - The player character makes no noise while moving in armor (like the Illusion spell)

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