A male and female Nord from Elder Scrolls V
Nords are the indigenous people of the northern province of Skyrim, and have long been characterized as a hardy race of pale-skinned, blue-eyed humans, said to be descended from the civilization of Atmora. They have been likened to the Elder Scrolls equivalent of the Germanic peoples and Norsemen of Earth. Because of Skyrim's perpetual snowscape, the Nordic people have grown to become highly resistant to cold temperatures and frost.


[edit] Personality

Since Nords make up the majority of the NPCs in Skyrim, each of them have diverse tendencies. However it can be said that most are proud of their race and of their homeland. Nords tend to have a lust for battle, and they are known to be fierce warriors. Some Nords can be known to shun outsiders, and that is definitely the case in Windhelm, capital of the Stormcloak Rebellion.

[edit] Gameplay

Nords are right in their element in Skyrim.

Nords make excellent warriors in Skyrim. They enjoy bonuses to main combat skills such as block, one-handed, and two-handed (see "skills" below). Their speech bonus helps them get better prices than other races, due to the fact that Skyrim is their homeland. A smithing bonus grants Nords a head start when it comes to crafting weapons and armor. Nords also have a resistance to frost, which is useful when facing enemies like wispmothers and frost dragons, both of which use frost-based attacks.

[edit] Skills

  • Block +5
  • Light Armor +5
  • One-Handed +5
  • Smithing +5
  • Speech +5
  • Two-Handed +10

[edit] Abilities

  • Battle Cry: Force target to flee from you for 30 seconds
  • Resist Frost 50 percent resistance to frost damage

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