Orc Strongholds

Many Orcs in Skyrim live in communes known as strongholds, which are makeshift forts that consist of a longhouse and huts for additional services like smithing and alchemy.

By the Fourth Era, there are four key strongholds still inhabited by Orcs:

Orcs typically construct strongholds near ore mines, and gaining access to them often requires acceptance into strongholds themselves. Only player characters who are Orc by birth or have been recognized as Blood-kin by another Orc are allowed to enter strongholds freely.

[edit] Blood-kin

Non-Orc player characters wishing to be recognized as Blood-kin to Orcs must first complete a trial to retrieve a unique pair of gauntlets called the Forgemaster's Fingers for specific Orc NPCs. The gauntlets are located in hostile territory; the exact dungeon they can be found is randomized based on the Orc NPC who first triggered the radiant quest.

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