Saber Cat

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Sabre Cats are animals found in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. They are very strong when they attack, they can be found near Rorikstead, as well as many other places through the world map. In order to kill one you should try to keep a fair distance between you and the cat. If the cat gets too close then the consequences can be fatal. The cats are very large and stocky, they are about you're shoulder height and nearly as large as a bear. When actively seeking out this cat make sure you have a high level of health, a great armor rating and very powerful weapons with you. Good combinations can be a : mace and shield, steel warhammer, two destruction spells or a good bow. Also make sure you have potions with you and if possible someone to help protect you. Flanking or 'Sneak Attacking' if possible can be very effective and sabre tooth cats stalk you untel u are completely off guard and they are extremely smart A.I's for a creature.

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