Sam Guevenne

Sam is a curious mage who challenges the Dragonborn to a drinking contest at one of the locations noted below. There is no minigame or interaction required for the actual contest itself, as the Dragonborn apparently is set to win by default.

However, the powerful mead also apparently leads to one heck of a night, as the Dragonborn finds him/herself awake with a nasty hangover in the Temple of Dibella... all the way in Markarth. After cleaning up the mess s/he made in the Temple, the Dragonborn discovers notes that reveal Sam was tasked to repair and deliver a staff using the following components:

  • Haagraven's Feather
  • Holy water
  • Giant's Toe

[edit] Location

Found at a random inn in a city. Some users report finding him in:

After the quest A Night to Remember it is revealed that Sam Guevene is actually Sanguine in disguise.

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