[edit] Basic Information

Skeevers are large rat-like creature, that is native to Skyrim. The Skeevers live in many different types of areas. They can be found in the wilderness, inside crypts and tombs and barrows, or even deep underground with the Falmer. Alone, these creatures are no problem for even a budding adventurer. In groups however, they can be deadly. Skeevers also carry a disease, Ataxia, and have a chance to inflict it on the player with every successful attack.

The Winking Skeever is a tavern located at the entrance to Solitude, the first building on the left after the entrance. If you talk to the store owner, he will tell you that he used to have a pet skeever as a child, and implies that only recently (him being Nord and having a normal human lifespan) has the skeever evolved into what it is today.

[edit] Drops

Skeevers have been known to drop the following items on death.

[edit] Variations

[edit] Venomfang Skeever

A Venomfang Skeever is basically an upgraded Skeever. It does more damage, has higher health, and has a chance to poison the player, reducing health steadily.

Venomfang Skeevers can be found in Honninbrew Meadery while performing the quest Dampened Spirits, which is a story quest for the Thieves Guild.

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