The Blessings of Nature

The Blessings of Nature is a quest given to you by Danica Pure-Spring, a priest in the Temple of Kynareth of Whiterun. Upon visit to Whiterun, Danica will be seen disgusted at the thought of the dead Gildergreen, a tree sapling from the Eldergleam which resides in Whiterun. She tells the Dragonborn that obtaining sap from the Eldergleam tree in Eldergleam Sanctuary will revive the dying tree, and she asks if the Dragonborn will fetch the sap.

Danica first sends the Dragonborn to Orphan Rock, a small rock near Helgen inhabited by a Hagraven and its group if witches. Danica suspects the whereabouts of the Nettlebane, the only dagger available to harm the Eldergleam, to be here. Upon killing the group at Orphan Rock, you'll be able to loot the Hagraven and obtain the Nettlebane from its possesion.

Once you have the Nettlbane in your possesion, you'll have to take it back to Danica. She will refuse to touch the dagger and request you to take it to the Eldergleam Sanctuary, the home of the Eldergleam. If you accept the further expedition, a pilgrim in the temple named Maurice Jondrelle will ask if you'll take him along. You can either accept his request or reject it. Maurice has no weapons or armor and will not act as an official companion.

Once you arrive at the Sanctuary, you'll notice two other pilgrims admiring the beauty of the Sanctuary. The woman there will ask you to leave the sactuary once she notices the dagger you have, the Nettlebane.

When you arrive at the Eldergleam's roots, they act as a barrier to the tree, preventing all those without the Nettlebane from reaching the tree and its sap. If you accept Maurice's assistance with the quest, he will ask you not to hurt the tree. If you agree, he will pray to the tree and in return the tree will provide you a sapling, instead of its sap, which can be used as an alternate means to complete the quest.

If you do not have Maurice or if you deny his plea, you will break the roots and acquire the sap by force. Spriggans, guardians of nature, will appear and attack both the Dragonborn and all the pilgrims in the Sanctuary.

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