The College of Winterhold

[edit] Location

A guild of mages situated in the northeastern Skyrim province of Winterhold. It sits high above the shoreline of the Sea of Ghosts, and is the city's only remaining signifigant landmark following The Great Collapse of 4E 122 which saw most of Winterhold sink beneath the sea. Many of the remaining residents of Winterhold still blame the College for the natural disaster which claimed most of the ancient city to this day, and are distrustful of its mages and anyone who associates with them.

[edit] Campus

Applicants must demonstrate some degree of magical ability in order to be admitted into the College itself, by passing a short test with the gatekeeper Faralda. Once this test is passed, the applicant is welcomed into the College as an Apprentice where s/he is expected to help further the College's study of arcane knowledge.

The current Arch-Mage of the College is Savos Aren, while Mirabelle Ervine administers the daily duties. Faralda serves as the College's instructor and Master level trainer for Destruction magic, while Phinis Gestor provides Expert level training and spells for Conjuration. Tolfdir provides Master level training and spells for Alteration magic, while Drevis Neloren and Colette Marence provides these services for Illusion (Master level) and Restoration (Expert level), respectively.

Sergius Turrianus provides Enchanting services and Expert level training.

The College houses the Ysmir Collective, one of Tamriel's largest libraries currently run by grouchy Orc librarian Urag gro-Shub.

Note that unlike the Mage's Guild which was prominent in Cyrodiil during Tamriel's Third Era, the College does not ban the study of Necromancy. Indeed, Conjuration instructor Gestor remarks that such a ban eventually died with the Mages' Guild itself.

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