The Dark Brotherhood (Skyrim)

The Dark Brotherhood is an Assassin's Guild that revolves around the Dread Father, Sithis, and the Night Mother. The faction is controlled by the Black Hand; it's members include four Speakers and a Listener (as Lucien Lachance puts it, four fingers and a thumb).

To begin a contract, a client must perform the Black Sacrament, and then when they wake up, a Brotherhood Speaker will discuss the contract. There were once many Brotherhood sanctuaries throughout Tamriel, but at the time of Elder Scrolls V, most of the Brotherhood has been wiped out, and the last known sanctuaries are found in Skyrim, outside Falkreath and Dawnstar.


[edit] Members

[edit] Main Quests

[edit] Radiant Quests

Available after finishing 'Take Up Arms'

[edit] Contract Quests

[edit] Other Quests

[edit] Achievements

Achievements that can be achieved by running quests for the Companions

  • With Friends Like These... - Join the Dark Brotherhood
  • Bound Until Death - Complete the quest Bound Until Death
  • Hail Sithis! - Complete the quest Hail Sithis!

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