The Thieves Guild

This mysterious "guild" exists across Tamriel and serves the interests of thieves, smugglers, fences, and other shady characters. Though by no means anything like The Dark Brotherhood, The Thieves Guild may be forced to employ murder as a tool to further their aims.

In Elder Scrolls V, the guild operates out of the Ratway beneath Riften. In recent years, for reasons unknown, they've been struck by a prolonged bout of bad luck.


[edit] Members

[edit] Main Quests

[edit] Radiant Quests

These quests are assigned by Vex, and can be repeated upon completion because the quest targets are randomized.

These quests are assigned by Delvin Mallory, and can be repeated upon completion because the quest targets are randomized.

[edit] Restoring the Guild's Influence

While not necessary to complete the main questline for the Thieves Guild, successfully finishing side jobs for Vex and Delvin will allow the guild to grow in influence across Skyrim, which more directly translates into new shops and services which the player can access while in the Ratway.

This involves re-establishing the Guild's presence across four key Holds: Whiterun, Windhelm, Solitude and Markarth. By completing at least five side jobs in a given hold, Delvin will allow the player to undertake special job at the request of a notable client willing to assist the Guild under the table. The jobs differ for each of the four Holds:

Successfully completing these jobs will open a new shop in one of the four alcoves just outside the Ragged Flagon in the Ratway, and increase the number of gold that Guild fences will have available for barter up to a maximum of 4,000.

Tip: One of the quickest ways to meet the requirement to unlock these special jobs is to try and undertake both The Sweep Job and The Bedlam Job for the same Hold; because the value of the target items you need to steal in Sweep Jobs actually counts toward the gold requirement needed to compete Bedlam Jobs, you can essentially finish both in a single run, saving time (and effort).

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