The game takes place in the Fourth Era listed here are the notable events in the history.


[edit] First Century

[edit] 4E 0

  • The Champion of Cyrodiil, Martin Septim and the Avatar of Akatosh banish Mehrunes Dragon from Tamriel thus ending the Oblivion Crisis. The Septim bloodline is ended and the Amulet of Kings is destroyed marking the end of the Third Era and the start of the Fourth.
  • The Fourth Era begins with no Emperor in Tamriel and is lead by High Chancellor Ocato, the Elder Council and the Blades.

[edit] 4E ??

  • The Red Mountain erupts; Vvardenfell is destroyed
  • The Ministry of Truth becomes chaotic with the absence of Vivec

[edit] 4E ??

  • The Empire collapses
  • Black Marsh drops its ties to the Empire
  • Elsweyr drops its ties to the Empire following Black Marsh
  • Aldmeri Dominion is seized by the Thalmor
  • Morrowind is conquered by the invading Argonian following the Red Mountain erruption

[edit] 4E ??

  • Titus Mede is crowned new emperor by conquest

[edit] 4E 18

  • Prince Attrebus Mede is born

[edit] 4E 23

  • Annaig Hoinart is born

[edit] 4E 40s

  • A floating city called Umbriel, appears off the coast of Black Marsh and heads towards Morrowind destroying the cities of Lilmoth, Black Marsh and the home of Annaig in the process

[edit] Third Century

[edit] 4E 200s

  • The High King of Skyrim dies
  • The Nords of Skyrim go into a civil war

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