[edit] Basic Information

Trolls are ape-like humanoids covered in shaggy hair, with three eyes. They possess regeneration powers that make them formidable opponents, but are weak to fire, meaning fire enchantments and fire orientated Destruction spells are considerably more effective on them than many other spells. They tend to flee the player character when their health is low in an effort to regenerate before they die. They make excellent opponents when players desire to level combat skills.

[edit] Drops

[edit] Variations

[edit] Frost Troll

Frost Trolls are stronger variants of the normal Troll, and generally live at higher elevations. They are resistant to Frost.

[edit] Uderfrykte

The Uderfrykte is a very powerful Troll, found on the Dark Brotherhood quest The Cure For Madness. Low level characters are advised to sneak past it, as it's set to level 22. Like all other Trolls it has the ability to regenerate health, so kill it before it has the chance.

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