Whiterun is the first major city the Dragonborn will travel to.

[edit] Shops

[edit] Warmaiden's

Shop Owners: Adrianne Avenicci, Ulfberth War-Bear

This is the blacksmith shop. It's amenities include a forge, a smelter, a tanning rock, a grinding stone, and a workbench. You can sell weapons, apparel and some miscellaneous items used for smithing. This shop also often has good supplies for lower-level adventurers.

[edit] The Drunken Huntsman

Shop Owner: Elrindir

This is the archery shop. Good place to restock on arrows, or find a new bow. You can sell weapons, light armor, some food, and some miscellaneous items.

This shop is so named because the owner, Elrindir and his brother Anoriath were drinking one evening, and decided to go for a midnight hunt. Anoriath, in the inebriated state he was, mistook Elrindir for a deer and shot an arrow that pierced his bum. They knew after that they had the name for their shop.

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