The Aedra are the original beings and are the opposites of the Daedra. But they didn't start off this way, they are different because the Aedra gave up some of their power to create Mundus and this means they can be killed while the Daedra didn't.

Eight of the original Aedra are worshipped and they are called the Eight Divines. There were a lot more than just eight Aedra before the creation of Mundus but they either became the 'Earth Bones' or became mortal.

The Aedra are benevolent beings and are worshipped widely throughout the Empire and there have been temples and shrines dedicated to them.

[edit] The Divines

These are the Nine Divines;


Talos isn't one of the original Aedra as he was worshipped after he founded the First Empire.

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