Blade of Woe

Acquirable from the Dark Brotherhood Questline, it has the highest base damage of any dagger, at 13, and a 10 point Absorb Health enchantment. There are actually 3 ways to get it. The usual way is at the end of the Death Incarnate Quest, on the floor next to Astrid. As this is over halfway through the story arc, it may be nice to get it sooner, either by killing Astrid in the Abandoned Shack, which fails the quest to join them, and starts a new quest to Destroy the Dark Brotherhood instead. It can also be Pickpocketed from her, any time between then, and Death Incarnate, but only with the Perfect Touch Perk. This has the added advantage of making another BoW available at the end, for a total of two.

Uses: Backstabbing: Unfortunately not the most efficient, as Absorb Health only benefits the player if already damaged, which usually eliminates the opportunity to Back-stab. With the Shrouded Gloves, and Assassin's Blade Perk, the 10 extra damage is not multiplied, and therefore, negligible. Also, this waste of a charge is compounded by the fact that the BoW has a short gauge, and therefore discharges quickly. Once inert, it actually makes a decent choice for backstabbing for it's shear damage.

Enchanting: The BoW does make a good Enchantment Trainer, because of it's short gauge. You can discharge it in a single fight, and keep it topped off with Lesser, or lower tier souls for Enchanting experience. Unfortunately, it doesn't Soul Trap, so should be paired with another weapon of Souls. (The Mace of Molag Bal makes for a good harvesting combo.)

Dual Wield: Potentially the best offhand weapon in the game, it's light, fast, does as much base damage as many swords, and the Absorb Health enchantment can keep the character alive. With Dual Flurry, to say nothing of Dual Savegery, and Elemental Fury, it can be paired with an un-enchanted sword for massive DPS with a quick heal every offhand strike. It can also be paired with Windshear, which is available soon after, to take advantage of the stunning effect. This combo can potentially stunlock even giants, dragons, and other tough enemies with the healing from the Blade to make most fights all to easy. (Arguably the most overpowered dual wield combo in the game.) This combo can also be used by Jenassa, making her virtually unstoppable.

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