Ebony Mace

A One-Hnaded Weapon in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, it's tied for the highest base damage of any un-enchanted single handed weapon, at 16, but weighs 1 point less, and is arguably more beautiful. It can also be crafted more easilly, or upgraded at the Atronach Forge with a Daedra Heart. Concidering there is no improvement in damage, this may be considered a waste of a valuable, rare, and expensive ingredient. It does have a lower maximum enchantment value, though, and cannot be crafted as high, so may be less effective only when completely maxing your weapons out, but only by fortifying Smithy/Enchantment skills above 100.

As a Mace, it is affected by all of the One-Handed Perks, except for Bladesman, and Hack&Stash, but Bonebreaker can make it capable of ignoring 25, 50, or 75% of armor. It's slow striking speed can also be augmented with the Elemental Fury Shout in addition to Dual Flurry.

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