J'zargo is an ambitious and highly competitve Khajiit mage first encountered in The College of Winterhold during the quest First Lessons. He takes great pride in his abilities in the Destruction school of magic, and quickly pins the player character as a rival in his aspirations to become Arch-Mage of the College. That said, J'zargo makes no attempt to hide from the player his predilection for "borrowing" things from the College on the side.

[edit] Personal Quest

J'zargo will have a shady request for the player appear completing Under Saarthal, once the Eye of Magnus is relocated to the College's Hall of the Elements. He wishes to have the player field test a batch of scrolls enchanted with Fire Cloak spells designed to deal great damage to the undead. However, the player will soon discover these custom scrolls have more than one twist.

[edit] Follower

Should the player survive the effects of the scrolls and successfully report back to J'zargo with their findings (to J'zargo's great surprise and possibly dismay), the player earns his grudging respect and will be able to recruit him as a Follower.

It is worth noting that J'zargo is the only follower who does not have a level cap, meaning he will continue to grow alongside the player past level 50.

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