Skull of Corruption

The Skull of Corruption is the Daedric artefact for the Daedric Lord Vaermina. It is obtained from the quest 'Waking Nightmare'

[edit] Effects

Deals 20 points of damage, increased to 50 points of damage if it is powered with the dreams of sleeping people.

[edit] Harvesting Dreams

To collect the dreams necessary to strengthen the staff, cast it on a sleeping person. Harvesting dreams is not counted as assault, so it will not aquire a bounty, five dreams are harvested from each target.

Dreams can be harvested from Draugr, so catacombs in ancient Nordic burial crypts are a good way to power the Staff

Factions that the player belongs to are useful as well, the College of Winterhold and Thieves Guild are best for this situation.

Harvesting dreams also synergizes well with vampirism, since you can feed and power the staff simultraneously.

[edit] Location

It is obtained from the quest 'Waking Nightmare' by deciding to kill the Priest of Mara Erandur. The quest gives you the option to kill him and take the staff or allow him to destroy it.

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